how to get scholarship in canada

How To Get Scholarship In Canada

Do you want to study in Canada? Perhaps you are a Canadian looking for information on how to get scholarship in Canada. This post will teach you how to get ahead of your peers and get that scholarship to study in Canada.

Canada has become increasingly popular as a top destination for higher studies in recent years. This is because the country offers a lot of scholarships to both domestic and international students.

As a student in Canada, you may be eligible for full or partial study scholarships. The Canadian government also provides various scholarships for international students.

For instance, some government scholarships for undergrad and postgrad include the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships ProgramCanada Graduate Scholarships Program, and the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. These scholarships cover tuition, living expenses, research fees, and other expenses.

Several additional organizations also provide scholarships to domestic and international students in Canada. Some of these scholarships are merit-based, meaning you must have outstanding academic performance to qualify.

Let’s now consider how to get a scholarship in Canada below.

How To Get Scholarship In Canada

How to Get a Scholarship in Canada

Here is how to get a scholarship as a student in Canada:

First, you may start by visiting your college or university career center to source for a scholarship. Most Canadian colleges’ career centers keep an updated list of scholarships for students attending their schools. Go through this list and shortlist every scholarship you are eligible for.

Next, if you can not find a scholarship through your college scholarship center or directories, you can turn to search engines and websites that can help you find scholarships. Here are some beautiful websites to help you hunt for scholarships:

If no scholarship opportunities are open for you, search for an ethnic-based scholarship. Ethnic organizations of various shades routinely offer scholarships in Canada to help you earn a decent scholarship. However, remember that many of these scholarships depend on ethnicity, which means you must be of a specific race or origin to be eligible. Here are a few sites:

Finally, if you have exhausted all of the options above, you should contact your friends, coworkers, parents, and siblings to see if they know of any scholarships. Many companies where you know people might be offering great college scholarships. So feel free to inquire from them.

How To Get Scholarship In Canada

Is it easy to get a scholarship in Canada?

If you are curious and want to know if getting a Canadian scholarship is easy, this is the time to listen closely. It depends on the nature of the scholarship, eligibility, and number of awards to determine whether it is an easy or complicated application.

Besides, some scholarships require an application, while others are awarded automatically. Typically, scholarship support for international students wishing to study in Canada is limited, competitive, and primarily offered at the postgraduate level.

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