Where To Find Scholarships?

Where To Find Scholarships?

Do you want to study in the United States and are unsure about where to find scholarships? Worry no more, as this article is for you!

Scholarships are an important source of funding for college students studying in the USA. It helps to pay for tuition, books, accommodation, and other costs.

However, scholarships are typically offered based on merit, whether it be for academic performance, athletic abilities, or leadership skills.

While some private scholarships, such as the Herbert Lehman Scholarship, assess financial need, there is always a merit aspect.

That said, Scholarships don’t have to be difficult to find, especially when you know where to look. If you want to know where to find scholarships, check out the following list of websites in the next section below.

Where To Find Scholarships?

Where do I Find Scholarships?

We have carefully compiled a list of websites and resources for finding scholarships below. Take a look at them below:

University websites

The first place to find scholarships is on the school’s website. If you are already a university student, you can use your university website to identify university scholarships as well as other local scholarship options.

However, if you have not been admitted to any university, you will most likely go to the university’s website of your choice to look for a scholarship program. The good news is that all European or American schools will almost certainly have a separate scholarship page that lists all of the university’s available scholarships.

Federal Student Aid

The Federal Student Aid program is one of the significant places where you can find a scholarship, and the exciting part is that most of these awards are based on need rather than merit. You should visit the online portal and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply. The federal government will examine your financial need and tells you what financial aid you qualify for via the application. 

College Board

The College Board runs a college scholarship search website with over 2,200 programs, in addition to providing college admissions assistance and several test-prep materials, such as SAT and ACT books. You can research their portal by refining your searches by providing more specific demographic and/or academic information. This enables you to locate scholarships that fit your qualifications and interests well.

Scholarship America

Scholarship America attempts to remove the hurdles that prevent students from receiving the financial aid they require to afford higher education. The organization has awarded 2.8 million scholarships totaling $4.5 billion to date. You can search their website for available scholarships and filter the results by state.


Since 1998, this website has assisted students in their search for college scholarships. Students can find scholarships that meet their individual circumstances by searching the Scholarships.com database, which has millions of scholarships. This website also categorizes scholarships by type, such as those for athletes, veterans, and Hispanic students.

Where To Find Scholarships?

When Do I Start Applying for Scholarships?

While many scholarship application deadlines are March 1, experts always advise students to start the process sooner to maximize their chances of receiving more scholarship money.

At Scholarship Land, we strongly advise starting the scholarship application as soon as possible.

We also advise high school seniors to begin looking for scholarships in the fall. On the other hand, students should not consider the scholarship application process as lasting only a few months.

Scholarship applications may be continuous since students may need to renew financing and seek more money throughout their academic careers.

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