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Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship?

Why do you deserve this scholarship? This is one of the most common essay questions you will have to answer during the course of applying for a scholarship. So, it’s necessary you give it your best shot!

While you don’t want to sound too desperate or greedy, you want to ensure your essay stands out from the crowd and still remains modest while also showing humility.

This post will walk you through the right vocabulary to use while crafting simple but effective reasons why you deserve a scholarship. 

Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship - Scholarship Land

What is the goal of the scholarship committee?

First, you should find out the goal or what the scholarship committee or provider is looking for and align your scholarship essay to that. Every scholarship committee or provider wants to give out their award to the most deserving individual.

So, by asking you why you deserve this scholarship, they merely want to know what makes you stand out and what interests and motivations drive you.

How do you align your essay with this goal? One of the first things to consider is expressing who you are in your essay. Show the scholarship committee why you deserve this award by drawing a picture of yourself and your motivations. However, remember to keep it relevant to the scholarship. 

For instance, suppose you’re applying for a nursing scholarship; explain how you got interested in Nursing and what kind of field you want to specialize in.

And, if you are applying for a community service scholarship, explain what kind of community service you do and why you are dedicated to it.

This kind of statement demonstrates how much you love what you are doing and the lengths you have gone to in order to explore the medium, despite challenges.

Now, Let’s explore a sample about “Why do you deserve this scholarship?”

Sample of “Why do you deserve this scholarship?”

Basically, there are several ways we have seen students successfully tackle this essay question. This scholarship essay sample should give you an idea of how to craft yours.

One of the most controversial topics in the United States is how to provide cost-effective healthcare to the general public. I feel that easily accessible healthcare professionals are the answer. Nurse practitioners are sometimes underappreciated and undervalued in the medical profession due to their diversity and significance. With this scholarship award, I will be able to further my education as a nurse practitioner and provide accessible medical services to underserved populations.

Growing up in a rural community in Santa Fe, the nearest hospital was 45 minutes away. The only family doctor in the area set his own prices because he was the only sole provider of healthcare. My parents used home medicines to cure any illnesses that my brother and I developed. This is when my interest in medicine began.

Until my father went to the hospital for serious stomach problems, minimal medical treatment was not a concern. These were the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, which can be controlled with medication. Because my father had not seen a doctor in years, the flare-up was really severe. It took months to get him on prophylactic medication and get him under control.

I decided to go to college in order to help people like my father. As a nurse practitioner, I am able to perform medicine without collecting exorbitant fees. I intend to serve in remote areas where hospitals and doctors are scarce. I will be delighted to be considered for this scholarship opportunity, and if chosen, I want to use it to further my medical education.

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