Why Do You Need This Scholarship Sample Answers?

Why Do You Need This Scholarship Sample Answers?

Why do you deserve this Scholarship? This probably could be your scholarship essay question. But how do you respond to this, or what is the best way to answer this essay question? This page will provide several essay samples. It will attempt to answer, “Why do you need this scholarship?

In order to adequately respond to the question, “Why do you need this scholarship?” you should list all the qualities that make you a good candidate for the award. You might want to highlight some qualities such as being persistent, a good team player, a good leader, hardworking, and so on.

But, just citing these qualities alone is not enough justification for applying for a scholarship. You ought to use real-life examples from your personal experience to highlight these qualities.

This can be accomplished by outlining any academic successes, volunteer work, leadership qualities, or other personal strengths that make you deserving of the Scholarship you are applying for.

So, the main point to be noted in this article is that simply stating that you are hardworking, have good grades, and are a leader is not enough. You need to connect these strengths and qualities with real-life experiences.

Why Do You Need This Scholarship Sample Answers?

Let’s now check out these scholarship essay samples about “Why do you need this scholarship.”

Why Do You Need This Scholarship Sample Answers?

Example 1:

I believe I deserve this scholarship award because I am a creative problem solver and a natural leader. As student council president, I assisted in reorganizing my school library to better meet the requirements of students. I collaborated with the staff to better categorize books to suit current school subjects.

 I plan to apply the same leadership approach to my business degree, which will focus on project management.

My ambition is to work in construction management to improve efficiency in the creation of low-income housing. With this award and the need-based funds I will get, I will be able to finish my studies while still continuing to solve problems in my community.

Example 2:

I believe I am deserving of the award because of my academic goal in nursing. As a nursing student, I am passionate about providing quality healthcare to patients, especially to those who are vulnerable and underserved.

Growing up as a child in Montana, I have seen firsthand the impact that medical practitioners can have on patients and their families. 

I remember during my childhood, my parents used home medicines to cure any illnesses that we had. Then, one day my father had to be rushed to a hospital for serious stomach problems, which had worsened as a result of using home remedies.

As the hospital was 2 hours away from my village, we could not immediately access medical healthcare, and he later passed on. This was when my interest in nursing began.

I decided to go to college to help people like my father. With this Scholarship, I intend to pursue my degree in nursing and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make a meaningful impact in remote areas like my village, where hospitals and doctors are scarce.

I will be delighted to be considered for this scholarship opportunity, and if chosen, I want to use it to further my medical education.

As you can see, these essays articulate the candidate’s passion and goals in their respective fields of study. Note that the mention of volunteering and firsthand experiences further shows their passion for the field.

So, while answering, “Why do you need this scholarship,” you need to be strategic in your approach. Don’t also forget to be authentic and confident in your answer to stand out from other applicants. Good luck!

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