Why I Deserve This Scholarship?

Why I Deserve This Scholarship?

One question you will most likely come across while answering your scholarship essay questions is, “Why i deserve this scholarship?” Needless to say, you have to give it your best shot! This is where you must showcase your achievements, whether it is academic, leadership, or community development service.

The reason why I deserve a scholarship may be different from yours. You must ensure your reasons are unique, genuine, and convincing enough to help you secure a scholarship. You wouldn’t want to sound too needy or greedy, but instead you will want to show utmost modesty while remaining humble.

Find out what else you need to include to demonstrate why you need this scholarship.

Why I Deserve This Scholarship?

Why I Deserve This Scholarship?

I deserve this scholarship because I have persevered through some personal struggles. In my final year of college, I had a spinal cord fracture while hanging out with friends. This made me miss out on writing my final exams, and I was completely decapitated. I knew I wanted to finish high school and move on to college to get a degree and become a renowned professor.

So I made do in other ways. While bedridden, I borrowed books from the school library and began reading. I soon realized that I could read five books in one day. Gradually I found my passion for reading. I not only read but journaled my activities. I graduated from 5 to 7 books per day. Soon enough, I realized I could set a world record while on my sick bed. With the assistance of my siblings, I applied for the Guinness World Record for reading for the most extended hours.

My request was granted, and I started. I beat the former record holder of 50 hours to 100 hours. I shattered the record, and I was handed the longest-reading record holder. This singular act brought me worldwide recognition. I received an award from my faculty, and soon enough, my spinal cord began to heal. I was given the opportunity to write my final exams and came out with flying colors. This experience built my resilience and critical thinking skills, and I hope to apply these skills if I’m selected for the scholarship.

Why I Deserve This Scholarship?

What skills differentiate you from other candidates?

My critical thinking skills are my main distinguishing attribute.

When I was a teacher at a local primary school, most of the students were too poor to afford textbooks. I liaised with the librarian and borrowed some books from the state library. As a teacher, I could borrow just two books to aid in teaching. But With the librarian’s help, I could borrow up to 20. Once I got to class, I distributed the textbooks to the students.

Each student was able to get one book or pair with his friend. With that, all the students had access to a textbook for at least three weeks. After three weeks, I returned the books to the library. I was able to help about 50 young students to learn by getting a personal textbook. This experience really shaped my critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, improvisation skills, and leadership skills, which are all needed for a scholar to excel in their academic pursuit.

What are the tips for writing ‘Why I deserve this scholarship’?

  • Keep in mind what the scholarship is for and focus on the purpose of the scholarship and how it will help you with your purpose.
  • Explain how the scholarship money will help fund your education and achieve your long-term goals.
  • Avoid generic statements like; I deserve this scholarship because I am passionate.
  • Sell yourself the best way you know how.

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