how to get a scholarship

How To Get A Scholarship

Are you searching for how to get a scholarship this academic session? Scholarships are a great way to reduce one’s financial expenses at school. Whether studying abroad or locally in Canada or the USA, applying for one will save you many study expenses.

According to Statistics Canada, Canada awards about 1.7 million scholarships every year. Aside from private scholarships funding by colleges and individuals, scholarships are majorly granted by the federal and provincial governments.

Interestingly, these scholarships are available to undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students at Canadian universities. It is also awarded to all nationalities without regard for gender or ethnicity.

Also, in the database, it is reported that the average scholarship value was $2,668, while the median scholarship value was $1,857.

Either way, numerous scholarship opportunities are available for those looking to get one. So, how does one get a scholarship? Let’s find out below!

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How To Get A Scholarship

Getting a scholarship is not as easy as you think, but it is not impossible if you follow our simple guide below.

First, start by exploring the university’s official website of your choice. Many Canadian universities offer several scholarships to freshers and returning students, which you will find on the school’s scholarship webpage.

And if you do not find any scholarship, you may email their representative to see if they can help.

On the other hand, you may consider exploring different scholarship websites that are trusted to provide reliable, up-to-date information. Some of these include, and

Alternatively, you can research by typing the keyword “scholarship” into your preferred search engine. However, It’s crucial to maintain organization during your search because you will probably come across various scholarship options that may be useful to you.

Another way to get a scholarship is to research the country where your preferred college or university is located. You will discover that a country like Canada offers various scholarships to assist domestic and international students.

How To Get A Scholarship - ScholarshipLand

How to Apply for a Scholarship?

Once you have a scholarship for which you can apply, the step is gathering and preparing your documents.

Note that some of these organizations offering funding have different specific objectives related to their purpose, which you should understand. Hence, making your application relevant will play a part in the success or failure of your application.

Below is the general application process for a scholarship;

  • Fill out the online application form to apply for the scholarship.
  • Next, check your inbox to ensure you received a confirmation email.
  • Write a personal statement or write an essay. And remember to stand out by sharing your unique experiences and ideas.
  • Get official documentation of your academic, athletic, or artistic achievements. Translate the paperwork if necessary — which is frequently the case.
  • Check all documents for problems before sending them to the scholarship provider.
  • Submit the university’s admission letter or acceptance letter. You may not be eligible for the scholarship unless you show you will begin your studies.
  • Finally, wait for the outcomes. Congratulations, you have been awarded a scholarship!

Please note that scholarship funds are not remitted to your bank account. They are usually paid directly to the institution or college you choose. 

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